What the fuck is happening in Melbourne, Australia?

Due to the overwhelming incompetence of the Victorian Government led by the socialist premier Daniel Andrews, in failing to be able to do what every other state and territory in Australia has been able to do to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we now find ourselves living in a Soviet like dystopia where the following restrictions on civil liberties have been imposed:
  • the parliament suspended;
  • entire industries have been shutdown by decree;
  • mainstream media carefully managed and journalists arrested;
  • all citizens confined to their homes for 23 hours per day;
  • the requirement to possess and carry a government permit if more than 5 km from the home address;
  • given police the power to enter homes and premises without cause
  • given police the power to enter, search and seize property without needing a warrant;
  • given police additional powers to demand names and addresses from any person for any reason and the power to arrest people who refuse to provide it;
  • a night time curfew from 8pm to 5am;
  • a requirement to wear a face covering at all times when outside the home even if totally alone;
  • a ban on leaving the state or the country without government permission;
  • armed police and Australian military personnel jointly patrolling Melbourne streets; and
  • arbitrary arrest for dissent (see the video of a pregnant mother in her pjamas arrested and handcuffed in front of her young children for posting on facebook here
These restrictions and requirements are undemocratic and completely out of all proportion to the threat COVID-19 presents.  For example, on the 7th September, 2020, the state of Victoria recorded just thirty-one (31) cases of COVID-19 and eight (8) deaths in a population of more than six and a half million people.  
To date, more than 500,000 people have been made unemployed and a further 250,000 are expected to be made unemployed in the next 3 months.  At the same time, the politicians and bureaucrats have awarded themselves pay rises of up to 20%.
On an even more concerning note, the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, has not committed to providing a date upon which these extraordinary powers and restrcitions will be rescinded, but rather has extended his powers under a State of Emergency for a further six months until the end of March 2021. Importantly, legislation allowing for the State of Emergency has been amended to allow a State of Emergency to exist "even when there are low or no cases of COVID19 for a period of time"
Nobody could ever have foreseen a democracy within the Commonwealth of Australia succumbing to such tyranny so quickly. 
W Management & Media (Aus) Pty Limited, through its UK parent company W Management & Media Limited, rejects outright the need for many of these restrictions and additional powers and is 100% committed to highlighting these appalling restrictions of civil liberties. 
In these circumstances, our publishing and printing operations have now moved offshore from Australia.
We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support during these unbelievable times.